About Digiflex

Digiflex Company Limited is an innovative solution provider specializing in the prepress sector for flexible packaging business. With more than 30 years of experience, we provide prepress packaging solutions to our clients by supplying consumable products, spare parts, machinery, and especially, after-sale services.
We are the exclusive Thai distributor for HELL Gravure Systems, Kaspar Walter Plating and Processes, Technodiamant Precision Tooling
** Additionally, effective on January 1st, 2020, Digiflex is the sole distributor of Heliograph Holding Gmbh in Thailand which includes OHIO Gravure Technologies, Daetwyler Graphics Precision, Schepers Laser Technologies, Luscher Technologies, and Bauer Logistics in Printing
Machinery: Digiflex is proudly represented the machinery products from the best manufacturer in the Gravure printing industry. The products include a wide range of mechanical engravers and direct laser engravers from HELL Gravure Systems and also a wide range of plating line from Kaspar Walter.
Measuring Instruments, Consumables, and Spare Parts: Digiflex has all the consumable products you need for your prepress production. This includes Kaspar Walter's chemicals for the plating lines, Technodiamant's stylus, grinding stones and much more. Moreover, we can also help our clients with the spare parts as requested.
Service: We focus on establishing long-term partnership by providing good services and reliable support. The service includes equipment installation and testing service, equipment regular pre-maintenance service, equipment inspection and repair service

News & Events

Virtual Drupa 2021 by Heliograph Holding

There is nothing new about the desire to optimize gravure cylinder engraving for more than just the process colors. When it comes to spot colors, the aim is usually to achieve higher speeds or save ink. Particularly in price-sensitive fields of application, this approach has been around a long time. Optimized cell geometries and inks have been used in the printing of all-round labels for leading beverage brands, for many years, for example. This is connected to the aim of using lower ink film densities to achieve trouble-free drying even at top speeds, while also keeping ink consumption to a minimum.

DigiFlex has attended Pre-Drupa meeting that was held by Heliograph Holding in Keil and Munich, Germany during Febraury 9-14, 2020.

From January 1, 2020 onwards, Digiflex is the sole distributor of Heliograph Holding in Thailand

As a manufacturer, productivity is one of the key factors to compete in the market. However, only high productivity is not enough, a good manufacturer also need to consider about their products' quality. 

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