Get to know SprintEasy & CellEye

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Get to know SprintEasy & CellEye


SprintEasy is a measurement and setting station for en- graving heads. SprintEasy measures the current stylus wear and records this information into the touchmemory of the engraving head. Using SprintEasy in conjunction with the calibration process CellEye enables repeat-accu- rate engravings, even with a highly worn stylus.

Another advantage of SprintEasy is that slide shoe set- ting can be performed very quickly and accurately outside the HelioKlischograph and there is no longer any need for “scratch tests” on a test cylinder.



CellEye is based on the measurement of engraving cell volumes and enables unique repeat accuracy for packa- ging gravure cylinders. CellEye factors in the actual stylus angle and stylus wear and compensates for fluc- tuations in the engraving copper. CellEye leads to a signi- ficant reduction in the amount of waste during


If you need any further information or have an interest in SprintEasy and CellEye, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +(66)2 295 5052 or email:

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