New! HelioKlischograph K2 Engraver

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New! HelioKlischograph K2 Engraver

The perfect entry-level engraver

The HelioKlischograph K2 is an ideal, economical entry-level engraver for electromechanical cylinder engraving “Made in Germany” and is fully equipped to handle all types of jobs, including gravure cylinders for contone, vignette, and linework reproductions, and technical cylinders for transferring inks, coatings, and glues.

Fast and flexible

The K2 comes with the speedy 5 kHz HELL CS engraving system as standard. Type B and type CX HELL standard engraving systems can also be used. The K2 operates – depending on the type of engraving system – in an effective screen range of 40 to 140 l/cm at a depth of up to 75 μm with either helical or polar line engraving. Low-color-shift HELL standard angles 0, 2, 3, 4 or freely definable screen angles are used.

Motorized support, integrated autofocus camera, guided operation

A cutting-edge user interface guides K2 operators through the job selection / testcut / engraving steps. The K2 is equipped with a motorized support and an integrated autofocus camera as standard for easy cell measurement. Measurements are adopted and evaluated online.

Design criteria

  • 5 kHz engraving speed
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy operation
  • Fixed drive block, motorized bearing block
  • Integrated autofocus camera
  • Motorized positioning of the engraving system
  • Guided testcut
  • Machine bed, engraving carriage, and bearing blocks are all cast parts
  • Operated and controlled by an integrated PC


If you need any further information or have an interest in the engraving technology from HELL Gravure, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +(66)2 295 5052 or email:

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