EconoLine Copper Plating - CuMax technology

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EconoLine Copper Plating - CuMax technology

Function CuMax System with HelioCuMax additive:
HelioCuMax is an acid copper plating process with insoluble anode. The copper becomes dissolved chemically by circulating the electrolyte over a bed of copper nuggets (copper generator). The electrolyte is chloride free and a one component additive is used to create the copper hardness in the deposit layer.

Benefits CuMax Technology

  1. Up to 44% higher throughput in EconoLine tanks
  2. 5% higher machine availability due to less basket maintenance
  3. No sludge chemical dissolving

Key Advantages CuMax:

  • Fastest plating up to 4,2 µm/ min.
  • No copper nuggets in the working area for much higher purity than conventional plating
  • More uniform copper deposition- < 5% allocation over cylinder face length
  • Stable copper hardness of 200- 230 HV
  • Homogeneous, stable copper structure due to a high quality additive
  • Improved cylinder geometry through optimized current shield design
  • No anode maintenance required
  • Purity of copper is 100 % – copper is consumed to 100 %
  • Copper sulfate concentration is measured and leveled automatically

If you need any further information or have an interest in CuMax system, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +(66)2 295 5052 or email:

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