DigiFlex at IGAS 2018 Tokyo, Japan

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DigiFlex at IGAS 2018 Tokyo, Japan

During July 26 – 29, 2018, DigiFlex Co., Ltd. was honored to be invited to the International Graphic Arts Show (IGAS) 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. This is an international printing exhibition which includes all the new printing technologies in all types ranging from digital printing to graphic packaging and much more. This exhibition is one of the world’s largest printing exhibitions and also the largest one in Asia region with the highest exhibitor up to 550 booths.

At this IGAS 2018, HELL Gravure Japan has been representing Heliograph Holdings' affiliated companies to exhibit in this exhibition. Inside the booth, there is a demo machine, quality inspection equipment and various types of print’s samples, plus all the other technologies that can help the customer to improve the quality of their Gravure and Flexo printing results for the audience a chance to visit and try it by themselves.

In addition to IGAS, DigiFlex Co., Ltd. has also had the opportunity to visit HELL Gravure Japan's main office, which is now Heliograph holdings in Japan. This is a great opportunity for us to visit the showroom, the office, and the storage area. The showroom is showcasing the HELL K500, a high-tech engraving machine. It is compatible with 12kHz per second engraving head which can also work with 2 engraving heads at the same time with a total speed up to 24kHz per second. It is also compatible with other Heliograph automation products such as K. Walter and Bauer systems. In addition, the upper office, the conference room, and the storage room. The storage room, which stores many spare part for HELL engraving machines, is very organized and well managed. It was such a nice experience for us to visit this place.

We promise to keep you updated with the latest news, activities, and innovation through our website. Please stay tuned. Thank you.

IGAS Website: https://www.igas-tokyo.jp/en/


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